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Kamis, 17 November 2011

SEA Games XXVI - Duel 'Garuda' cons 'Tiger' Ready to Close Phase Group

Jakarta - Indonesia U-23 national team will face Malaysia in the final party group stage football sport SEA Games XXVI. 'Garuda Squad' to secure the position of group winners of this match.

Gait Patrich Wanggai cs fairly satisfactory so far. In addition to already locked in place semifina, the victory also successfully wiped from the three parties with powerful productivity record (11 goals, conceding 1 goal).
With these records, Indonesia is not only the team's most productive and conceded at least so far, but also the one who always wins.

Facing Malaysia, Thursday (11/17/2011), Indonesia only need to achieve at least a draw to qualify as group winners. Not only that, the fate of the 'Tiger of Malaya Young' was pretty much determined Indonesia.

The scenario, when Indonesia won a landslide victory over Malaysia and Singapore also won over Thailand, it could be Singapore's who qualify from Group A. accompanying Indonesia
So far, Malaysia occupies the second position with seven points and score goals +4, while Singapore in third position with four points -1 and productivity goals. That means a major defeat for a landslide victory for Malaysia and Singapore could pave the way for 'young lion'.

In contrast, Indonesia should also be wary because of the defeat of Malaysia could make the team made it Rahmad Darmawan only qualify as runners-up. Two of the top spot in Group B itself has not been caught so that Indonesia can deal with Vietnam or Myanmar.

Ruling out the calculations to the semifinals, the fans certainly hope Indonesia can beat Malaysia in the party later. Iming-imingnya is a predicate with a record group winners always win, as well as a prestigious victory over a rival team late last year just gave the wound.
Still fresh in memory, in December 2010 and then senior national team Indonesia must bend the knees of Malaysia's senior national team in the final of the AFF Cup. Then the U-23 national team now had a chance to avenge his senior.

Slick performance and potential national team treats make the prestigious duel duel contra Indonesia Malaysia, which will also be broadcast live on local stations since RCTI at 18.30, inevitably drawing attention of country football enthusiast public.

The indication was already visible H-1, Wednesday (16/11), while a number of potential viewers who want to watch the match immediately went SUGBK to find out about ticket purchase information. They even have come from the afternoon.

Aware of the public interest, Inasoc as the SEA Games organizers also plan to hold the event mewadahinya watch together, make the audience who did not get tickets.
"We provide three television to watch tomorrow, in the plaza east, and north plaza around the area GBK," said Chief Executive Inasoc Rahmat Gobel, when performing inspections in SUGBK.

Action 'Garuda Squad' cons Malaysia in SUGBK undoubtedly flood of support from his supporters. Now we are just waiting to answer how they support it in a match that will finish the group phase of the sport of football.

Matches on Thursday (17/11/2011)
Group A (Bung Karno Main Stadium)Thailand vs Singapore 16:00 pm19:00 pm Indonesia vs Malaysia
Group B (Lebak Bulus Stadium)Vietnam vs Laos 16:00 pm(DTC / krs)

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